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Dr. Brian Hamilton MA MBA PhD
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Sudden Sources:

  • Inheritance
  • Stock Options
  • Sale of Asset(s)
  • Settlement(s)
  • Lottery Jackpot
  • Football Pools
  • Two Become One
  • Sport Professionals
  • Entertainers

"The only question with wealth is what you do with it"

John D Rockefeller

"We specialise in meeting Sudden Multi-Millionaires expectations"

Dr. Brian Hamilton

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Brian Hamilton

Unique & Comprehensive Package of Services
(The best value when... INVESTING... SPENDING... SAVING... GIFTING)

Tick Checklist in Confidence    
How to Customise a Profitable Model Financial Plan
Why? It’s Important to get an Experienced Specialist. Add-Value by hundreds of thousands.
Maximise Capital Growth & Income. How to select a better Investment Management Team.
Instant, Portable Adviser Support (wherever you are)
How to Qualify for a F-R-E-E Mobile.
How to Optimise Family & Charitable Donations
Let us help you Fast-Track to experiencing a Multi-Millionaire’s Lifestyle, keeping costs down
Access to Special Facilities, Services & Events, Worldwide
Acquire Multi-Millionaires' Toys & Assets.
How to save Money & Time - Up to 80% sometimes.
How to Cope with a substantial Sudden Windfall.
Give your Family a great start.
24 Hour Continuous Professional Support.
Cashflow Reports, Filing etc.
Fit for Purpose
Maximise Choice, Options & Benefits.
You DESERVE and can AFFORD the Best

One Study found taking More Services leads to Higher Client Satisfaction

• Clients getting three or more services from their advisor 96.1%
• Clients getting two or more services from their advisor 73.6%
• Clients getting one or more services from their advisor 39.9%

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